3 ways to beat stress during COVID-19

Limit Information

We live in a day and age where information is coming from all angles. It is impossible to know what is truth and what is not. No one wants to live under a rock and be oblivious to the world around them. But on the other hand it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the information. So listen to your body and your spirit. If you feel the tension rising up and emotions bubbling over. It’s time to turn off the information outlets and focus on the task in front of you. If you are like me, you have little humans surrounding you who need you to be ok right now. Let me say that again. You need to be ok right now. That is your number ONE goal. Because if you are not ok, the people depending on you are going to suffer.

Turn off your phone.

Lock it up if you need to and go be present with the people you love and want to protect. After all, isn’t that why you are doing all the research in the first place?

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Focus on TRUTH

Okay, I know I just said it is impossible to know what is true right now and what is not. But there are certain things that you know to be true. Grab hold of those certainties. Write them down. Reflect on them. CLING to them. They will keep you grounded when everything else seems to be crumbling.

If you aren’t sure of anything right now, I’ll share a one of my favorites with you. I know you know this one, but before I share it with you let me tell you something.

There was a time when I would read Truth and I would argue with it. I'd say that can't possibly be true. and I'd list off all the evidence and reasons it couldn't be true. 

But then one day I asked, what if it were?? 

So as you read this, embrace the possibility that it might be true.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

King David
What if this were true. What if you and I truly lack nothing? Wouldn't that be amazing? Look, I understand that you don't have everything you ever wanted. And I'm not trying to tell you that believing in God will give you everything you ever wanted either. That's not how He works. 

I'm simply encouraging you to reflect on this verse. And embrace it as truth and see what happens in your spirit. 

What I discovered when I stopped arguing with Truth is that it opened my eyes to see how Truth was working out in my life. And it is beautiful. 

I'd love to hear from you! Are you struggling with this? Are there verses you cling to?

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Take CARE of your body

It is super tempting to self medicate right now. Sugar, alcohol, drugs, Netflix… I know, all the FUN things. Each of those things MAY have a place right now ( you need to decide that for yourself). But since you came here for advice I’m going to encourage you to be very careful that you do not depend too heavily on those things. Use what you need in moderation.

If you want to make sure you don’t spiral into a dark place, focus on the things you can do.
You can go for a walk.
You can eat a carrot.
You can read something good.
                                                                                                  YOU CAN SMILE.

Smiling is one of the best things you can do for your health! Even if you don’t feel like it, smiling will totally shift how you feel. And it will shift how those around you feel too. So go brush your teeth, YOU’RE WELCOME, for the reminder. And show off those pearly whites.

PS: it’s a fun way to mess with people. Just start smiling like a FOOL and see what sort of response you get. They may think you are crazy but isn’t that better than actually going crazy??

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Love you friend!