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Pregnancy Care Centre

100% of all donations to the Pregnancy Care Centre will be committed to helping build a maternity home for women and families facing unplanned pregnancy who need a safe place to live for this season of their life.

PCC is a safe place for unexpected pregnancy care. They are a Christian organization that is a companion to women in need through pregnancy, parenting and post-abortion care. They believe that no women should have to face these things alone, and the caring and professionally trained staff are with them every step of the way.

A few of the services Pregnancy Care Centre offers:
Pregnancy Tests and pregnancy education on all options

Pregnancy Plus Program:  The unique pregnancy plus program is for parents who are, well, afraid to parent! It focuses on life-skill readiness for becoming a parent. It's an opportunity for parents and parents-to-be to learn the things they absolutely will need to know when raising children.

Gently used and clean maternity and baby clothing:

Step to Sexual Health: a 10-week module DVD series facilitated by our peer counsellors. It is a comprehensive approach for dealing with sexual trauma, sexual abuse and sexual misuse. Many women struggle with their past and this series is aimed at helping them find healing so that they can pursue wholeness.

Post-Abortion Recovery & Support: PCC offers comfort, healing & hope as they companion women through their abortion recovery journey.

Adoption Support: We walk with parents through this journey with upmost respect for their rights and feelings regarding the placement of a child for adoption.

The LuluTree

Preventing tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families through the local church.

The Lulutree works in communities in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Uganda, and South Sudan. We do not want to foster dependency, for dependency is neither loving nor wise. We want to set up our brothers to be successful long after we have gone.

We’ve been in Uganda for about four years now, and by God’s grace now oversee a school/training center, as well as dorms for teenage mothers who’ve been kicked out of school, and 12 acres of farmland. It is our hope that within the next two years the land will begin producing enough food to not only sustain the girls and their babies at the school, but to enable pastors to do their own outreaches within communities.

In Sierra Leone we are supporting 18 villages through a birthing center, an FGM (female genital mutilation) rescue program, multiple new church plants, numerous rice farms, fruit tree plantations, and theological training for pastors.

In South Sudan we are actively caring for hundreds of people — running schools, implementing agriculture training, starting microloan programs and adopting orphans.

In Liberia we’ve partnered with Pastor David Zawu, a man who moved to his village more than a decade ago to start a school for over 500 children, to oversee 75 churches, to start an agricultural and livestock program, and to build a health center.

First and foremost, we seek to partner with pastors who are already trying to help their communities. We help them first to care for their own families through building up their small businesses, and then to build up their church families through providing church-planting, pastoral training, and education for children’s ministers and prayer warriors, helping the local church to become the cornerstone of each village.

Once the church is healthy and strong, it can then reach out and assist the local village through initiatives such as sustainable farming, maternal healthcare centers and FGM rescue, and gospel outreaches, amongst others.

In reaching the village, churches also equip individual families through micro loans programs and education for parents.

Finally, as a result of equipping the church to care for the village to care for the family, the most vulnerable are protected. Communities are able to care for their own orphans and elderly, in the name of Christ.