Stop setting yourself up for failure with New Years resolutions, and start celebrating progress!

This journal is a powerful tool for shifting how you think and feel about yourself and your life. To be honest, I put this journal together for myself to help me get through a difficult season. I’m sharing it with you now, in case it can help you shift to being able you see your strengths and beauty.
 I first learned the power of a sprouts journal at a Dani Johnson event, several years ago. There, I discovered, that it didn’t seem to matter what I did, or how hard I worked, I never felt like I had accomplished anything. I often felt like a failure, in every area of my life. At the event I was encouraged to celebrate my “sprouts”. Sprouts are our accomplishments, no matter how big or small, they count. When we accomplish something, we plant a seed. That seed grows. If we nurture it, it will grow and flourish and produce fruit in our lives. However, if we neglect that sprout, it will die.
All too often, we can be so hard on ourselves. 

We take a step forward, then beat ourselves up for not taking two steps. We can do this in any area of our life, our homes and in our work.
 I have discovered, that anything that I have ever accomplished, takes time, and often is accomplished, one step at a time. When I get discouraged early on, I am unable to finish it. However, when I take the time to celebrate each step along the way, I stay encouraged and motivated to keep going. This applies to relationships, work, the home, all aspects of life. 

This journal is designed to help you celebrate the wins in all areas of your life, big and small. Print one journal each month. This way, when you have completed one month, you can celebrate that too!
 Ideally you will take time, each day, to celebrate your sprouts. That being said, I’m all about sloppy success. Maybe you don’t write something down each day, but just having this printed out will inspire you to think about your sprouts and what you can celebrate. This shift in thinking is just as important as the journalling. You will be amazed how this shift can improve how you feel about yourself and this will enable you move into each day radiantly!

Grab your Sprouts Journal 

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