3 things: 

yes, it is totally normal to feel the way you are feeling. 

no, you will not always feel this way. 

yes, it will get easier! 

You are dealing with some of the hardest things you have ever faced before. You are doing things you’ve never done before. Raising tiny humans is the hardest things any person has ever done. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities. You are learning about yourself and learning about your children. You are balancing home life, your families needs and your own needs. All amidst the craziest circumstances our generation has ever seen.  Some things are going to have to be neglected. 

You cannot do everything. 

That doesn’t make you a failure, that makes you a human. 

You may feel like you are falling apart right now. Please know that you aren’t. Feelings don’t last. Right now, all this hard stuff you are facing…. it’s making you stronger, braver, wiser. All this stuff, it wasn’t designed to ruin you. It was designed to form you into the amazing human being you were created to be. So take a deep breath. Make yourself a cup of tea. Take a moment to notice whatever good in your world. Don’t tell me there’s nothing, there’s something. And take this life one step at a time. 

love you friend!

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