She needs you to be strong

She needs you to be strong
Men, this note is for you. I know she seems strong. She's needed to be strong her whole life. As a child she needed to hide her feelings. As a teenager she had to ward off nasty girls and vulgar boys. But now she has you. 

You are her safe place. 

The thing she desires most from you is to simply be there with her, to let her be soft and to tell her it's going to be ok. See, the thing is, she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. She feels the pain of others intensely. Even if she doesn't show it. She may seem angry, but she's probably hurt. She needs your strength. She may not even realize it. She may even resent it. But she needs you to be strong. Not a false strong, not a fake macho kind of strong. Real strength is being man enough to let her be the woman she was created to be and to embrace being the man you were created to be. Not sure what that looks like? Ask your creator. 

Ladies, this note is for you. The thing he wants most is to be your protector. I know the world has told you that you don't need a protector. And you don't. But don't you just want to collapse into his arms and let him hold you and tell you it's going to be ok? Don't you just want to let it all out. Aren't you tired of holding it all in? Holding it all together?

I need to let you in on a secret. Those shoulders of his, they were designed to carry it. You may think that he's insensitive. But actually, he's strong. Here's the thing. You both embody your creator. You embody the soft and compassionate. You feel deeply and intensely. He embodies strength and justice. He also feels deeply and intensely. However, he was given the strength to carry it. You get to kiss boo boos and wipe away tears. He was made to fight the battles. Please don't take that as dismissive, demeaning or to say that you are anything lesser than him. I mean it as blessing. You get to feel the feelings, you get to be soft. Perhaps, like me, somewhere along the line, you learned that you couldn't. But that is a lie. The most beautiful thing happens when we embrace our softness and his strength.