To the mom who’s barely keeping it together.

3 things: 

yes, it is totally normal to feel the way you are feeling. 

no, you will not always feel this way. 

yes, it will get easier! 

You are dealing with some of the hardest things you have ever faced


Beating Stress with Essential Oils

7 years ago I discovered how powerful essential oils can be for dealing with stress. My then, 18 month old son nearly drowned in our dugout. As the police left that afternoon he handed my husband a card for Mental Health and told him I would need it. I share my full story here in a video

Hard things are a part of life. And the beautiful thing about the hard things is that they have the ability to develop beauty and wisdom and strength in us.

This, however, is a choice. We have all seen people who have been through hard things who are bitter and angry and miserable to be around. Is that who you want to become? I'm going to assume that if you are here you desire more than that for yourself and your family.

Keep this in mind as you face the hard things in life, remind yourself that you can allow this challenge you face, to make you stronger, wiser and more gracious, or you can let it make you bitter, anxious and miserable. 

When I returned home with my 18 month old son after spending a night in the hospital  to ensure he would fully recover, I knew I didn't want to be afraid or anxious. I am rather high strung to begin with. Now I had triggers that set me off on top of it. I had a choice. I could allow those things to trigger me and be an excuse to be a basket case, or I could take control. 

I chose to take control. I researched how I could use the oils to calm that physical and emotional response that I had and whenever something triggered me, I would apply the oils to calm my physical responses. This enabled me to better control my emotions and my thoughts. Rather than focussing on the fear and the image of death that I would see in my mind, I reminded myself that we were safe. My son is ok, that the image in my mind is actually an image of life. Over time, I stopped having such a strong response to the things that had been triggering me. One month later we were able to go swimming at the local pool and I felt completely peaceful. Two months later we went swimming at the lake. I sat on the beach and watched my children play in the water, completely in awe of the fact that I was able to fully enjoy our time there.

Can you see how this may help you when dealing with the hard things you are facing? Let me break it down for you.

Step 1: Find oils that you notice sooth and calm you.  

Step 2: When triggered, apply the oils and allow your body and mind to relax. Now Remind yourself of the "other side" of the situation. If you are fearful, remind yourself that you are safe. If you are angry, give yourself space to process that emotion and break it down. 

Take a minute now to consider one of the stressors that is causing the most pain right now. 

What is it?  Write it down in your Real Self Care journal. 

Now consider what the other side of it could be. What is the opposite of what you are feeling and dealing with? What do you want to feel about the situation? That is what you will focus on as you apply the oils. You can do this without the oils, I just found it so much more effective with the oils.

I recognize that this isn't easy. You are not dealing with easy things. I can almost hear you saying, "ya but Katherine, you don't know what I'm dealing with"
You're right, I don't. But you said you didn't want to be bitter and miserable right? So this is where you make the choice to focus on what you want to see and think and feel, rather than all the negative things you already are thinking and feeling.

You can do this!

Bless you friend!

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