Do you have little scraps of paper, schedules, school notes, and reminders scattered around your house? Notes that get lost, messages that don't get where they are meant to, reminders that get buried? 

You need a "Mom Binder"

When I discovered this genius little tool, life got so much simpler!

I know that everyone wants to go digital these days but I find that hard copy is still the best way to go when it comes to staying organized! 

I once heard that 2 hours of planning can equate to 8 hours of productivity. That got me excited because I hate wasted time! Take the time to set this up and you will save yourself hours of frustration.

All you need is a nice big binder. Toss some loose leaf in it, a couple of dividers and a handful page protectors. If you need to go out and buy those, I recommend also grabbing a 3 hole punch. You can even find little ones that clip into your binder! Otherwise, if you have a binder at home, work with what you have on hand!

Here's how you'll organize your binder. 

1. Goals, Vision, Plan
If you start your day with everyone else's lists, schedules and to-do's, you will find yourself spinning and frustrated.  The most amazing shift happened for me when I discovered that I got to design my own life. This doesn't mean that things always go as planned. Nonetheless, when you have a vision and move toward it you get so much better results than you do when you aimlessly wander through life.

Grab your Life Map Here. Print that off, fill it out and put it in the front of your binder. I recommend updating this every 3-4 months. This will help you to stay on track with your goals, and as you accomplish goals you can celebrate them and make new ones to help you move forward. Notice how your get to make goals in all areas of your life? A vision for your relationships is so much more important than your vision for work! Yet, most people only make goals for their work. You can change that now.

2. Notes, lists and to-do's. 
There's nothing more annoying than writing a list and then forgetting it at home. Or forgetting to put something on the list. So when you have a centralized binder you can find back you list easily and add things as needed, as they come to mind.

No, I do not bring my binder with me to the store! I take a picture of my list before I head out! 

3. Brain Dump: This can go in the first section as well. it's for those days when your brain is spinning around an around. Maybe before bed. Grab your binder and drop all that information on paper. Now it can stop spinning in your mind.

4. Reflections & Inspiration: It's so important to fill your mind with good things. So whenever you hear or read something good. Put it in your binder. I also have learned to take a minute to celebrate my wins, big or small. I like to write out my wins at least once a week because so often I tend to be hard on myself and focus on the things I didn't finish or the things I messed up. I have found that when I celebrate my wins, I realize I'm actually doing a pretty good job after all. 

5. Recipes: have you ever found a really great recipe online then couldn't find it back? Or do you get tired of your phone shutting off before you finish prepping the meal? Or do you ever pick up your phone to grab the recipe and all of a sudden find yourself on facebook?

I find I do much better at life when I limit my screen time. So when I find a good recipe I print it off and put it in the binder so it's easier to find later and I don't have to stare at my phone any more than I already do.

6. Schedules and other notes you may need to find back. I have a great big mom calendar that has a pocket that I keep these in. Yes, a real wall calendar. Again, reducing my screen time, but if I didn't have that, I would stick these in my binder. 

There you have it, how I stay organized. I hope this helps you too!


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