Deeper things: How can God let bad things happen?

I sat on the floor in my room with my back against the wall. I had finally allowed myself to feel what I had been holding at bay for so long. Anger, disgust, shame, loneliness, so many feelings washed over me as I remembered. And as I remembered, I cried out to God, “How?!” How can the God who calls Himself “Father” bear to watch His children suffer so greatly. If He is truly in control, why doesn’t He put a stop to all of the suffering? And where was He when I was so alone?

And in that instant an answer came. An answer that brought with it clarity and peace that I had never felt before.

“ I was always there, right beside you, holding you. And while I was holding you, I was planning, working out your healing.“

And suddenly I understood.  God is not bound by time.

We, we are in this moment, but the God of the universe is in every moment. So He can be with us in the moments of our deepest wounds and at the exact same time, He is also in the moments when we receive healing and redemption of those wounds, and also in the moment of our complete healing and restoration.

God can bare our suffering because He has already worked out our healing.

For many years I lived in fear of the pain of my past. I was afraid to look at it because I thought that maybe it would be more than I could handle. But I’ve discovered that the fear of the pain was actually greater than the pain itself. Opening up the wound and allowing it to ooze was actually far less painful than I had feared it to be.

Yes, it did hurt. I spent a season feeling extremely raw as I grieved, but as I grieved, the pain lost its power over me. And today, when those old wounds are poked I no longer lash out in pain. I am able to recognize that wounded place and I am able to see how much healing has taken place.

No matter what you are facing and feeling right now, no matter what you have faced or felt in the past, the God of the universe has already worked out your healing. And He wants to walk you through it. Ask Him now, to lead you through this. He is faithful.

Deeper Things- Part 1

I've never been a one to shy away from the hard topics. I don't like small talk. I want to know you. I want to know what goes on in your heart and mind. I want to know how you think and what matters most to you. I love to share what matters to me and what goes on in my heart and mind. So, welcome to "Deeper things" a blog mini series where I will share some of the things that matter most to me. I'd love to hear how these things impact you.

Mom, wife, career, self care, volunteer... how I stay organized and do it all

Do you have little scraps of paper, schedules, school notes, and reminders scattered around your house? Notes that get lost, messages that don't get where they are meant to, reminders that get buried? 

You need a "Mom Binder"

To the mom who’s barely keeping it together.

3 things: 

yes, it is totally normal to feel the way you are feeling. 

no, you will not always feel this way. 

yes, it will get easier! 

You are dealing with some of the hardest things you have ever faced


She needs you to be strong

She needs you to be strong
Men, this note is for you. I know she seems strong. She's needed to be strong her whole life. As a child she needed to hide her feelings. As a teenager she had to ward off nasty girls and vulgar boys. But now she has you. 

You are her safe place. 

The thing she desires most from you is to simply be there with her, to let her be soft and to tell her it's going to be ok. See, the thing is, she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. She feels the pain of others intensely. Even if she doesn't show it. She may seem angry, but she's probably hurt. She needs your strength. She may not even realize it. She may even resent it. But she needs you to be strong. Not a false strong, not a fake macho kind of strong. Real strength is being man enough to let her be the woman she was created to be and to embrace being the man you were created to be. Not sure what that looks like? Ask your creator. 

Ladies, this note is for you. The thing he wants most is to be your protector. I know the world has told you that you don't need a protector. And you don't. But don't you just want to collapse into his arms and let him hold you and tell you it's going to be ok? Don't you just want to let it all out. Aren't you tired of holding it all in? Holding it all together?

I need to let you in on a secret. Those shoulders of his, they were designed to carry it. You may think that he's insensitive. But actually, he's strong. Here's the thing. You both embody your creator. You embody the soft and compassionate. You feel deeply and intensely. He embodies strength and justice. He also feels deeply and intensely. However, he was given the strength to carry it. You get to kiss boo boos and wipe away tears. He was made to fight the battles. Please don't take that as dismissive, demeaning or to say that you are anything lesser than him. I mean it as blessing. You get to feel the feelings, you get to be soft. Perhaps, like me, somewhere along the line, you learned that you couldn't. But that is a lie. The most beautiful thing happens when we embrace our softness and his strength.


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