What is self care anyway?
Most women have no idea what real self care is and the current trend of self care is actually doing more harm than good. There are so many marketers out there right now selling us all kinds of crap claiming that "you deserve to pamper yourself". However, rather than nourishing your body, you end up over loading it with toxins and chemicals that the liver and kidneys need to break down, which leaves you tired and weak. Rather than building up your mind and spirit you end up spending way to much on something that doesn't last. You are left frustrated, tired and broke. I believe that real self care is doing the things that truly nourish your mind, body and spirit so that you can be the Empowered and Complete human you were created to be.

Before we get into the things we can do, we need to start with awareness. In my Real Self Care guide I share a tool that will help you be more aware of what is going on in your body and in your heart. This will show you where you need to focus your self care. You can access the tool

This tool is very practical and important because sometimes we rush through our days completely oblivious to what is going on inside us. We have so many things to accomplish in a day, or we have so many things to take care of, or we have simply numbed ourselves out and we have totally lost touch with our own being. Our body knows that things are going on and they turn on little indicator lights. Imagine the warning lights on the dash of your car, what happens when you ignore those indicator lights? Well it depends on the light. Sometimes your car will continue to run for a long time, other times you will run into trouble very quickly. (have you ever run out of gas or over heated your car?) 

The indicator lights in your body are a little different. They can be easier to ignore. But eventually you may run out of gas, over heat, or simply get run down and need a tune up.

Consider the Real Self Care guide as your tune up. You are taking a look under the hood. Looking to see what needs a little maintenance and doing a few small things to keep things running smoothly.  How is your system doing? What indicator lights are flashing?? Where do you need to give a little extra attention?

Oh, in case you missed it... here's a video, with my personal story, some of what I have been through and why I am on this mission. Thank you so much for being here!

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